Puerto Galera Travel Advice and Information

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Vaccinations and Medicines

puerto galera travel advicePlease ask your own doctor for advice with respect to vaccinations. We recommend that you bring your own medicine if needed on a regular basis, since the drug stores in the Philippines may not have the same variety of drugs as you find at home.

It is not advisable to drink the local water or use ice cubes made from local tap water.

Small cuts or insect bites are susceptible to  infection. They should be cleaned at once and a band-aid applied. You may wish to bring your own preferred antibiotic cream.


luggageDuring the summer months, temperatures on Mindoro are often close to 90 degrees F. (about 30 degrees C.) in the daytime and a little cooler by night. You should only really need to bring light clothing, and possibly a very lightweight rain jacket.

It’s also a good idea to bring practical items such as sunscreen and a small flashlight (since power interruptions are not uncommon in the Philippines.) If possible, pack light. It will make your trip a lot more pleasant (although this applies to travel anywhere!)


travelinsurance_2241755bNormal travel insurance, including health insurance, should be taken out before departure from home.


dollarsThe best foreign currency to bring is US dollars, since it can be used everywhere. Many other major currencies are also widely accepted. Just ask us if you are unsure. Bring only undamaged notes.

Travellers’ checks are generally very hard to redeem and should be avoided.

There are 3 ATMs in Puerto Galera town proper, 1 in Sabang, and you can also get cash advances on credit cards from Western Union. Some resorts and restaurants will accept credit cards, but many smaller establishments will not. Cash is king!

Fees for cash advances on cards are around 7%. ATMs charge about $5 per transaction, and will only allow US$220 to be withdrawn per transaction.

Scandi Divers Resort accepts credit cards at an additional fee so it is better pay in cash.

Food prices are generally low. A regular breakfast costs around US$4 dollars, and a main meal around US$6-10. Tipping is customary and normally around the 10% range. Also many other items – such as watches, clothing, wood-carvings, liquor, tobacco etc. – can be bought at bargain prices.

Passport and Visas

philippines-travel-advicePlease contact your local authorities as to the requirements for traveling to – and staying in – the Philippines.

Airport Tax

An airport tax of 750 pesos is charged for each passenger on departure from the Philippines.

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